Gout Foods to Avoid and Your Weight

gout foods to avoidWhen considering  which foods to avoid for gout it’s easy to just concentrate on those foods that are high or very high in purines.

And, just to recap, these are chemical compounds that exist in the cells of our bodies and food.

The reason why gout sufferers want to avoid high-purine foods is that uric acid is produced as a result of the breakdown of purines in our systems.

So that the more purines are being metabolized, the more uric acid is being produced.

And high uric acid eventually causes urate crystals to be formed in the joints, which then causes a painful gout attack.

So let’s get back to the gout foods to avoid issue…

As I said at the start, it’s easy to just concentrate on your diet in terms of purines. But, you also need to think of diet in terms of your weight position…

You see, it’s a fact that the majority of gout victims are over their target weight, perhaps only a little, but overweight nevertheless.

And being overweight is known to be one of the highest risk factors for high uric acid production and therefore gout.

So not only should you be looking at your diet in terms of your purine intake, you should be looking at it in terms of your weight position too.

The mistake that many gout sufferers fall into is that they change to a lower purine diet during an attack and then change back again once their gout attack has cleared.

This is bound to fail because they aren’t addressing the critical issue of gout prevention through long term dietary adjustments. If all you implement is a temporary dietary change, then there is nothing to prevent your attacks coming back.

And we know that frequently recurring gout can lead to you having permanent joint damage and other issues such as painful kidney stones and even hypertension.

So, when using diet as a way of  combating gout you need to address both your purine intake and your weight, and in the long term.

Now, it’s beyond the scope of this site to discuss weight issues, so please discuss this side with your health care professional.

However, in terms of which gout foods to avoid and which you can eat in your diet, you can find that information here.

Discuss the gout-foods-to-avoid list with your health care professional, so as to structure a diet and exercise regimen that will address both your weight issue (if you have such) and your purine intake.

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