Lowering Uric Acid Naturally Using These 5 Natural Gout Remedies

5 natural remedies for goutIn order to understand how lowering uric acid can be done naturally, it is necessary first to understand what uric acid is and its link with gout…

Gout is generally caused by higher than normal levels of uric acid in the blood.

In fact, research has shown that anywhere between 75% to 90% of people with gout have raised levels of uric acid in their bloodstream.

Uric acid is produced when chemicals compounds called ‘purines,’ break down as part of the body’s metabolizing process.

Everybody has uric acid in their blood, but normally, it is processed by the kidneys and excess removed via urine, with a little through stools.

The amount of uric acid retained in the bloodstream depends on the amount produced by your liver and the amount that is flushed out of your body after being process by your kidneys.

So that if either your body is producing too much uric acid for your healthy kidneys to handle, or, your kidneys are not working to their full potential, you can end up with higher than normal levels of uric acid. In this condition (called hyperuricemia) uric acid (urate) crystals can form in the joints and surrounding tissue, leading to the symptoms of gout.

Now, here’s the thing, purines are found in food as well as our bodies. So, as we eat food, uric acid is produced as a result of the digestive processes in which the purines in the food breakdown. This is in addition to the uric acid produced by our own body’s purines breaking down.

So this gives us our first tip on lowering uric acid naturally…

1. Avoid foods that have high concentrations of purines. As a rule of thumb, these are foods that are high in protein. High purine foods are things like fatty red meat, organ meat in particular, fish, shellfish, broth, dried legumes, meat extracts, and so on.

But there are additional ways of lowering uric acid naturally…

2. Cherries have been found to not only reduce uric acid levels in the blood, but also, to help reduce inflammation and the pain of gout. I suggest 30 to 40 cherries every 4 hours when suffering an attack. 30 to 40 a day in between gout attacks.

3. Drinking lots of water helps your kidneys to flush uric acid out of your system.

4. Vitamin C is known to lower uric acid in the body. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. You can also get vitamin C in supplement form.

5. Vitamin B complex can help your body to convert uric acid in the blood into harmless components.

These are just 5 of the ways of lowering uric acid naturally; there are many more. You can get more information in a special report that I have reviewed here.

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