What Type of Diet Helps Get Rid of Gout?

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Generally speaking, the type of diet that helps get rid of gout is a diet low in purines. And what are purines? I hear you ask. They are natural chemical compounds that are found in foods in varying concentrations.

They are a critical part of the metabolizing process that helps turn your food into energy and genes into protein among other things.

But they also produce uric acid as a result of this process. Your kidneys then process the uric acid in your blood and excrete the excess out of your body, retaining just enough in your blood, because uric acid is a valuable antioxidant.

However, high uric acid levels — a condition known as hyperuricemia — can cause uric acid crystals to form in your joints causing a gout attack.

And high acid levels can be caused by your kidneys not working to their full potential and / or too much uric acid being produced in your body by purine metabolizing. Either way you have too much uric acid in your blood.

So, if you suffer from gout, you need to reduce your acid levels, and since it is produced by purines, you need to reduce the amount of purines in your body. And as food contains purines, you need to avoid those foods that have high and very high purine content. Generally speaking these are fatty red meats, offal (organ meat), game, some seafood and some poultry.

You need to replace these with more vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, low fat dairy produce, essential fatty acids, foods with high vitamin C, and, natural supplements to help replace the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you’ll miss when you change to a low-purine, healthy gout diet.