Homeopathy for Gout: Could Homeopathy Help Relieve Your Gout?

Image depicting homeopathy for gout.

Homeopathy for gout: Homeopathy is a completely holistic approach to gout. But you really need to consult a professional homeopath in order to get the best out of this approach. Especially where you suffer from recurring gout. Read on to discover how it works…

Homeopathy for Gout

As a gout sufferer, although you can go into your local chemist and get ready-made, so-called ‘homeopathic’ remedies, they aren’t nearly as effective as utilizing the skills of a fully trained homeopath.

You see, it takes years of training and experience to achieve all the skills of homeopathy; homeopathy takes into account things like the patient’s general health position, and psychological, emotional and physical needs.

In this kind of treatment, it is believed that each person’s total make-up determines their disorders and ailments, etc.

What this leads to is that 2 persons with the same problem might have two completely different solutions in terms of their treatment. So what might work for one gout patient might not work for another.

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Homeopathy has reached such a state nowadays that a remedy can be encountered for almost all disorders and maladies, including reducing uric acid to relieve gout.

It works on the principal that a homeopathic remedy, when given to a healthy volunteer, will produce the symptoms of the problem it is a potential remedy for. If this happens, it is then known that this remedy will work to relieve the symptoms in a person who actually has the problem, e.g. a gout sufferer.

These remedies are extracted from minerals, plants and animal substances, and made into a solution using alcohol. This is then diluted over and over, meanwhile removing any impurities present. The final step is to make this up into tablets, suppositories, ointments, powders, etc.

Strangely enough, severe symptoms are treated using low dilution remedies, whilst high dilution remedies are used on milder symptoms. And sometimes the patient’s symptoms will get worse for a short period, but this is a good sign that the remedy is working.

So, as a gout sufferer, if you feel that homeopathy could benefit you, seek out a local certified expert for a consultation.

Reference: “Coping With Gout” by Christine Craggs-Hinton

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