5 Natural Supplements for Gout Sufferers

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Supplements are a great idea for gout sufferers, especially those who are on low purine diets. In this post I list 5 natural supplements that can help to re-balance your body and so help to reduce your gout symptoms and relieve the excruciating pain that prevents you going about your normal everyday business.

Natural Supplements for Gout

Our modern diet doesn’t really provide us with the right level and mix of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that we need to stay healthy and energetic.

And it’s even worse if you’ve gone on to a low purine diet to help reduce the high uric acid levels thatcause your frequent gout attacks.

So supplements make sense as a natural way to help make up for these lost benefits. In fact, there is an argument that if you don’t supplement your diet correctly, you can actually make your gout worse.  Here are 5 supplements to help re-balance the body and relieve your gout symptoms:

Vitamin B Complex

This helps to break uric acid down into a series of harmless components, thus reducing the risk of gout.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to lower uric acid levels in the blood. And it can help increase the excretion of excess uric acid.

Vitamin E

Many low purine foods are low in vitamin E, so its important to supplement your low purine gout diet with vitamin E.

Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements are known to alleviate joint pain by helping to reduce inflammation, i.e. an anti-inflammatory for gout

Tissue Salts (e.g. silica)

These help top prevent uric acid crystals forming in your joints and so help to prevent, or reduce the intensity of, gout attacks.

Note: You should really talk to your doctor first of course, before embarking on any nutritional changes and / or taking dietary supplements.

There are many more supplements to consider of course. And, supplements are only part of the overall picture in terms of getting rid of your gout symptoms. There are other issues you need to address, such as your diet of course, your lifestyle, your weight, etc.

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